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Frooting for you Nutrition
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  • Frooting for you Nutrition

Freeze Dried Banana Mango Strawberry Smoothie

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Looking for a simple, tasty, and wholesome snack or breakfast option? Frooting For You, our freeze dried banana mango strawberry smoothie, is full of fiber, flavor, and all good things.

This freeze dried smoothie is packed with powerful antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients that have been found to moderate blood sugar levels.

  • Bananas can help improve digestive health, aid weight loss, and support heart health.

  • Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, manganese, and potassium. They’re also great for the immune system, containing more vitamin C than an orange.

  • Mangos are another great source of vitamin C and antioxidants, and can help improve immunity, digestive health and eyesight.

  • When it comes to our freeze dried fruit smoothies, you never have to worry about additives.

    Each recipe is free of added fillers, sugars, flavoring, or preservatives — all the good stuff!

    Freeze Dried Fruit Smoothie Ingredients:

    Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Honey Powder, Vanilla Bean.

    Nutrition Facts


    The Goods


    Sourced from Brazil, Ecuador, China, and Puerto Rico.

    Contains nutrients that moderate blood sugar levels (pectin and resistant starch), a fair amount of fiber, as well as powerful antioxidants. Bananas also may improve digestive health, aid weight loss and support heart health.


    Sourced from Mexico and Peru.

    Improves immunity, digestive health, and eyesight, as well as lowers risk of certain cancers. Mangos are also a great source of Vitamin C and are high in antioxidants.


    Sourced from USA, Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, Morocco.

    Strawberries are a good source of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, manganese, and potassium, and have more Vitamin C than an orange.

    Other Ingredients

    Honey Powder, Vanilla Bean.


    We don’t add any fillers, additives, flavoring, preservatives, no added sugar! Just the good stuff!