AJ's Story: From Bullied to Bobsled Olympian, Forbe's 30 Under 30, & Jewish Advocate | AJ Edelman

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb Guest: AJ Edelman

Our first guest athlete — seven-time Israeli National Champion and first Orthodox Jew to compete in the Winter Olympics — is finally here! Lexie may have had to slide into the DMs to snag this special guest but we are SO glad she did! Being a sliding sports Olympian is just one of AJ Edelman's achievements: Forbes 30 Under 30 in Sports and Games, mechanical engineering degree from MIT, MBA candidate at Yale, and an advocate for Jewish athletes and mental health. From enduring severe bullying in middle school, being told by a scout that he would never make the Olympics (*queue Rocky training montage*), to building and leading a diverse and talented team representing Israel in sliding sports, AJ's story is one of defying expectations, relentless motivation, and unwavering optimism.

Off the ice tracks, AJ has dedicated himself to empowering young Jewish athletes through his foundation as well as speaking to students about overcoming the trauma of bullying. In today's Good Story, AJ reminds us that setbacks can fuel our determination and embracing our unique identities can lead to extraordinary achievements.

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb

Guests: AJ Edelman @ajedelman

Sponsor AJ's team in the 2026 Olympics: https://www.israelbobsled.team/Donate

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