Frequently asked questions

Are any preservatives used in freeze dried foods?

NO! The freeze dry process eliminates the need for preservatives.


What’s the difference between freeze dried and dehydrated food?

Dehydrated food is processed using heat which changes some of the molecular structures in the cells of the item. Freeze drying uses cold to preserve the molecular structures in the food.


Does Freeze Dried foods lose their taste?

 No, by using the freeze dry process nothing is lost except the water in a food. So when re-hydrated it retains the taste it had prior to being freeze dried.


How does Freeze Drying work?

This is an over simplification of a very complex process but Freeze drying or Lyophilization starts by first “flash” freezing the food. Then moisture is removed by using a deep vacuum creating ice (desorption). Next a low level heat is used to evaporate the ice without the ice returning to a liquid (sublimation). When done correctly, the process preserves the cell structure of the food.