Claudia’ s Story: From Cashier to CEO

Claudia’ s Story: From Cashier to CEO

Welcome to our first story! Claudia Goldfarb walks us through her journey from being a single mom working as a retail cashier to becoming the CEO and Co-Founder of Sow Good.

Story Bites:

  • Why would a family start a snack company during the height of the pandemic? 6:02
  • Pivoting from the pet food industry to the good-for-you snack space. 16:50
  • Cutting through the noise of a highly saturated and competitive space with innovative products, adapting to customers’ needs, and staying true to your mission (Sow Good’s: to revolutionize the snack industry). 24:44
  • It’s almost unheard of for a start-up to go public in its first few months. Claudia walks us through how Sow Good accomplished this, her initial fears and misconceptions, and gratitude for gaining a Board filled with experienced and powerhouse mentors. 28:40
  • We end with Claudia’s beginning: immigrating to America from Mexico with her parents and how being a single mother gave her the hunger to build a better life for her daughters, Lexie and Ava, and shaped her as a businesswoman. 40:08
  • Lastly, we toast to the moral of Claudia’s story: be a mentor to others whenever you can. You never know just how much it could change someone’s life. 57:25

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