Coss’s Story: From Kingpin to CONBODY CEO

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb Guest: Coss Marte

At 19 years old, Coss Marte made over $2 million as a drug dealer. At 23, he was charged as the kingpin of one of the largest cocaine operations in New York City. Now, he is the founder of CONBODY, a prison-style fitness studio taught by former convicts reintegrating into society. Coss’s story is an inspiring testament to a person’s ability to change and the power of second chances.

When Coss was sentenced to 7 years in prison, his doctor told him that he had 5 years to live due to his unhealthy weight—that math didn’t work in his favor. He developed workout routines within his 9x6 cell, lost weight, then helped other inmates do the same. At Coss’s bleakest point in prison that landed him in solitary confinement, one moment changed his life, prompting him to make what is sometimes the most difficult decision we face: choosing a better path.

Story Bites:

  • New York, New York: Growing up poor in the Lower East Side in the 80's surrounded by drugs and crime. (1:46)
  • Side Hustles to Selling Drugs: From innocent side hustles as a kid to selling weed at 13 and spiraling to cocaine-dealing. (8:42)
  • A Deadly Sentence: Realizing he might die behind bars, Coss became dedicated to exercising… despite the “Fat Forrest” taunts. (14:16)
  • Fork in The Road: While in solitary confinement, one moment opened Coss's eyes to the harm he'd caused and trade drug dealing for helping others. (17:00)
  • CONBODY: Creating a business plan in his cell and the obstacles Coss overcame to accomplish his mission. (23:55)
  • Advice to My Younger Self: What Coss would say to his younger self and lessons he's learned about the capacity to change. (24:35)
  • Toast to the Moral of Coss’s Story: Stay open-minded, never discount another person, and believe in second chances. (30:07)
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