Dylan's Story: Building Confidence, Positive Exercise, Co-Founding Vizer, CPG Investing + The Bachelor | Dylan Barbour | Vizer App

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb Guest: Dylan Barbour
Meet Vizer's co-founder, CPG-aficionado, TV personality, and Sow Good's brand advisor Dylan Barbour! You might know Dylan from either your TV screen, where he met his fiancee and first grew a public following, or phone screen through the wellness app Vizer that he co-founded with his cousin, Sam Pantazopolous (see previous episode!). Vizer converts your workouts into meal donations sponsored by food and wellness brands across the nation. You can then redeem your meal donation points for FREE rewards (like snacks from Sow Good)! Dylan and Lexie dive into a lot you might not know about him, so let's
dive in!
  • Struggling with Food and Exercise Growing Up: For years, Dylan was overweight, until he made a radical change in college, losing a lot of weight quickly from working out fanatically and eating insufficiently. Now, Dylan is at his happiest and healthiest and shares what helped him develop a healthy relationship with wellness, and what struggles were hardest to shake. 
  • Entrepreneur + Influencer: Balancing his life in the public eye and professional world, and how Dylan has grown comfortable merging the two. Vizer was a grounding force for Dylan coming off of TV, inspiring him to forgo some influencer opportunities early on to build a long-lasting business. 
  • Confidence 101 How to be Confident, not Cocky: Dylan comes off really confident, able to walk in the room and build relationships with anyone, but he's still down-to-earth and genuine; it's a fine line to walk and he gives insight on how he walks it—and how he lacked it going on TV. 
  • Investing! One of Dylan's passions is investing in the CPG space — one of the reasons he knows EVERYONE in the industry. And let's not forget his brief stint as a finance bro at the tiny bank called Morgan Stanley before leaving to start Vizer with Sam. 
Lexie's Note: Dylan has walked a lot of paths in life and I loved unfolding those layers! He was an English major, investment banker in NYC, The Bachelor tv star, and now co-founder of a really impactful business. Dylan was one of the first people I met in the wellness space when I joined Sow Good and has consistently been so supportive, genuine, and a reminder that this industry is Fun!
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