Jacob’s Story: Starting A Candle Company to End Human Trafficking

Jacob’s Story: Starting A Candle Company to End Human Trafficking

Jacob Johnson built Calyan Wax Co., a candle company that has donated over $210,000 to Traffick911’s programs that have helped over 700 human trafficking survivors heal and rebuild their lives. How? 5% of all candle sales are donated to Traffick911, a foundation that first responders can call 24/7 to aid victims in emergency situations then pair with Traffick911’s advocates to mentor the survivors through their healing process.

Jacob’s goal was to create a simple way for people to help human trafficking survivors. Through steps as small as buying a candle, we have the power to make powerful changes. Jacob shares how he built Calyan, staying competitive in a saturated field, and how his past business ventures may not have worked out exactly as planned, but they were stepping stones to the one venture that (in our unbiased opinion) is sure to last.

Story Bites:

Meet Calyan Wax Co.! (1:01)
Half the Battle is Learning How to Help: Jacob always had a desire to help others but didn’t always know how to practically help. Such as selling t-shirts to fund stable police forces in the Congo—Jacob quickly realized this was a difficult project for a college student. We walk through his philanthropic and entrepreneurial evolution and inspiration behind Calyan. (6:02)

Why Soy? 100% soy wax is clean-burning, sustainable, fragrant, and better for you—releasing less soot and fumes when burning. (17:37)

The Starburst Side Hustle: Jacob began from humble beginnings, as in selling Starbursts as his side hustle on the school bus. (20:02)

Sex Trafficking Misconceptions: Human trafficking is complex, beyond what we’ve seen on “Taken”. Lexie and Jacob walk through misconceptions and parallels between trafficking and other coercive practices such as cult indoctrination. (20:59)

From Mom’s House to Warehouse: Jacob’s saint of a mom offered her house as Calyan’s candle-making HQ for 2 years until they grew and found an official warehouse. (27:36)

Calyan Shouldn’t Be Working, But It Is: Jacob explains why this venture is working when all his others have not. (31:06)

A Toast to Jacob and Calyan: Jacob’s humility, faith, dedication, and passion for others’ wellbeing are inspiringly interwoven in Calyan’s DNA and serve as a lesson to all of us. (33:24)

Shop Calyan's candles here

Learn about Traffick911’s work here.

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