Luke's Story: Our Heroes are Human — Using Coffee to Support First Responders | Fire Dept. Coffee | Luke Schneider

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb Guest: Luke Schneider

Luke wanted to be a firefighter since he was a kid. Well, kid Luke would be happy to hear that not only did he achieve his dream, along the way he also joined the military and founded a very successful coffee company. Fire Dept. Coffee is a coffee brand taking the nation by storm with amazing coffee beans, hilarious social media content, and a charity dedicated to helping first responders seek the help they need to overcome trauma (both mental and physical) sustained through their service. 

Story Bites:

Joining the Navy and becoming a firefighter — how the military helped Luke start a new life path, and how the lessons he learned helped him as a businessman (6:11)

How his wife challenged him — plus how he risked all they had to start FDC (13:35)

What kills firefighters, and how FDC is helping first responders get the help they need (22:34)

We're Lighthearted — the FDC's thriving social media pages are a safe haven for first responders to unwind after long day (28:15)

We'll Be Everywhere — when FDC will be in 40% of US stores and launching their A Cheers to being Authentic (32:40)


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