Lyle's Story: How a Poker Hall of Famer was Expelled For Playing Poker | Lyle Berman | World Poker Tour

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb Guest: Lyle Berman

From getting kicked out of Wharton Business School for playing poker with his friends to revolutionizing the gaming industry by co-founding the World Poker Tour, Lyle Berman isn't one to let others dictate his future. That's probably what has made him an entrepreneur extraordinaire and beloved member of Sow Good's Board of Directors. We have learned so much from Lyle's mentorship over the years, so we thought we'd share a few of his many stories and "wit and wisdoms" with you!

In the early 2000's, producers told Lyle it couldn't be done. Televising final round poker tournaments and showing viewers the players' cards? Impossible. Naturally, Lyle did it anyway and the WPT became a multi-million dollar sensation that still thrives decades later. 

Even if you know nothing about poker, Lyle's stories will show you how determination, creativity, and good old hard work can change your life, even if others doubt your dreams.

Lyle has 3 World Series of Poker bracelets (meaning he's really good at poker), multiple inductions into the poker Hall of Fame, a book titled "I'm All In," and started the Rainforest Cafe chain. 

But despite all his accomplishments, to Lexie and Sow Good's founding family, Lyle is a reliable, humble, and generous uncle-like figure who has the best sweet potatoes and banana bread, fascinating petrified wood collection, and questionable views on ignoring expiration dates. 

Today's story is about not giving up, not forgetting where you came from, and chasing your dreams. 

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb

Guest: Lyle Berman

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