Sam's Story: Vizer Founder, Recovering Perfectionist, and Vision Board Extraordinaire | Vizer App | Sam Pantazopoulos

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb Guest: Sam Pantazopoulos
Sam Pantazopoulos was given an assignment during her study abroad program to conceptualize a wellness company. So in typical Sam fashion, she conceptualized — then became a CEO straight from college and built an app that lets you convert your workouts into meal donations with a click of a button, then redeem donation points for free products from food and wellness brands. Fast-forward 5 years and she and her cousin, Dylan Barbour, have brought that vision to life, running an app that has converted over 3 MILLION meal donations, worked with top brands, and created an ecosystem focused on making exercise fun and rewarding. 
Sam and Lexie have a candid conversation about 
  1. Their struggles with unhealthy food and exercise habits before starting Vizer and Sow Good
  2. Being "recovering perfectionists" — perfectionism can create a hyperfocus on monitoring weight, diet, and exercise metrics; Sam shares how Vizer changed this for her, coping methods, and how to succeed in the workplace
  3. The benefits and obstacles of being young females in the wellness industry
  4. Tying your self-worth to your company — and how not to do that (Lexie!). Hint: get hobbies. Figure out who you are outside of work, what you love, the people you value
Lexie's Note:
Sam is like an older sister in this episode, sharing the wisdom she's gained as a young female CEO with 5 years of experience in the industry. Sam is a trailblazer, idea-maker, leader, and so mature, well-spoken, admirable ... Is there anything she can't do? I love the Vizer family, how Vizer helps make exercise fun, and learning more about Sam. I know you will too! 
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Host: Lexie Gutierrez, Sow Good
Guest: Sam Pantazopoulos, Vizer
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