Sow Good's News: Growing Pains of Scaling

Sow Good's News: Growing Pains of Scaling

There was chaos. There were tears. There were late nights and early mornings. Most importantly, there was teamwork, dedication, and growth. This is how we Sow Good's team spent Easter/Passover weekend, preparing our largest order yet.

Returning to the mic is Sow Good's Co-Founder and CEO, Claudia Goldfarb, diving into the last few weeks of highs and lows, mistakes made, and how proud she is of the team (from accounting to graphics and beyond!) coming together. Claudia discusses how she is learning to be a better manager to her employees and the growing pains of scaling a start-up.

Story Bites:

Recharge: The team is tired (Claudia is wearing a baseball cap this episode), but we want to be authentic and show you the REAL sides of a start-up. (2:00)

Know How to Run Your Floor: This weekend, everyone became a production employee. Claudia notes the importance of knowing how to run every position in your production line. (5:57)

Open the Floodgates: Expo West launched Sow Good into production mode. (7:25)

Young Entrepreneurs: Claudia is inspired by the next generation of entrepreneurs at Expo West. (10:46)

What's Next? Expanding to Canada! Lexie heads to a tradeshow in Vancouver (spoiler: it was a success!) (14:38)

Making Mistakes: Claudia reflects on how to empower and guide employees and managing without micromanaging. (19:25)

A Toast to Mistakes and Growth: Hold yourself accountable, learn, then move on! (26:00)

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