Tak's Story: Turning Tragedy Into Inspiration to Create a One-Stop Shop for Diabetics

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb Guest: Hiroshi Takatoh

As his late wife's caretaker during her battle with cancer, finding nutritious food was Tak's daily stressor. Not wanting to give her hospital food or leave her side to cook, Tak felt helpless. After years of researching nutrition and meeting with doctors, experts, and food suppliers, Tak has built Teatis, the budding one-stop-shop for diabetics and medically vulnerable communities. Teatis is a snack subscription box offering convenient and delicious diabetic-friendly foods.

Story Bites:

What is Teatis? How being a caretaker inspired him to make nutrition convenient for medically vulnerable communities. (2:00)

No Slowing Down: After selling his tech company, Tak searched for a meaningful next venture. (6:00)

The Beginning of Teatis: Seaweed superfood tea. Stay with us on this one; the science is cool. (8:15)

PIVOT: From superfood teas to subscription boxes plus telehealth services, Tak stays genuine and avoids the pitfall of adding too many features quickly. (10:40)

"Curiosity is the secret sauce to a better life": Tak's curiosity, instilled in him by his dad who was a scientist; gave Tak a unique business mindset. (18:05)

Japanese vs American Business Cultures: Tak discusses the differences in business cultures, markets, and competition between Japan and the US. (19:45)

A Toast: Tak toasts to surrounding yourself with positive influences; curiosity; and helping others live healthier lives. (28:00)

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