Trish & Jenney’s Story: GOT (freeze dried breast) MILK? | Dismantling Motherhood Myths

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb Guest: Jenney Korasick, Trish Clifford

Got (freeze dried breast) milk? Step aside formula — co-founders and moms Jenney Korasick and Trish Clifford are here to share how freeze drying breast milk changed the feeding game for their little ones; and now they’re bringing the magic to you! It’s My Leche is a service that allows moms to send their frozen breast milk to be freeze dried into powder form. The powder can be mixed with water to rehydrate and feed to your little one! The benefits? Freeze dried breast milk stays good for years when stored correctly, no more cluttering your precious freezer space, and it’s so convenient when traveling and on-the-go!

Lexie’s Notes:

Trish and Jenney break down so many motherhood myths I felt like I should be taking notes on what to expect. They share how having kids actually made them BETTER bosses and entrepreneurs: confidence, patience, time management, navigating different personalities, conflict resolution, more patience… And how being a parent is basically being a manager. Such an interesting conversation and I hope you all enjoy!

Happy Mama’s Day!

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb

Guests: Jenney Korasick, Trish Clifford

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