What’s New, Sow Good? | Our Big Conflict ft. CEO Claudia Goldfarb

What’s New, Sow Good? | Our Big Conflict ft. CEO Claudia Goldfarb

“If we aren’t going to be transparent, then why are we doing this? How are we helping anyone listening?” Claudia is BACK on the mic and maybe we shouldn’t be as honest and open as we are in this episode about our growth strategy … but oh well! These are the real conversations start-ups have.

We spill all the insight into one of our biggest internal management conflicts: should we pursue co-manufacturing? [Co-manufacturing = making product for other brands.] Not only do we have our own Sow Good brand, we also have a sister brand, Sustain Us, positioned towards the outdoors/survivalists/prepper communities! Plus, we have top brands asking us to freeze dry their product for them. With our 2nd and 3rd freeze driers turning on in a matter of a few months, we will have capacity to work with other brands ... but should we? Or should we focus solely on our own brands?

These are the 3 “kids” vying for our team’s attention at all times. Lexie has pushed for Sow Good to be the only focus … “Why help other brands before we’ve established our own? Especially the ones that are our competitors?” But Lexie shares the revelation she had and how helping our competitors can actually help Sow Good perform in the market.

Lexie’s Note:

Stubbornness is a strength in my family, but in business it can be the death of a start-up. I have learned a lot these last few months about compromise and the difference between determination and obstinance. As my mother surmised, one of the most important lessons for a start-up is embracing pivots. Stay true to your mission, while being adaptable and weathering unexpected hiccups, and you just might be one of the start-ups that makes it! We’re learning a lot and hope you are too — and if you're another brand working through the same struggles, don't hesitate to reach out, we're always happy to help :)

Host: Lexie Gutierrez-Goldfarb

Guest: Claudia Goldfarb

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