Sustainability and Health


Sow Good firmly believes that we can all plant seeds to sow a better version of ourselves, our communities, and our world. We plant our seeds by coming into work each day dedicated to creating delicious, nutritious food that enriches the lives of our customers and employees, while reducing our environmental impact. Here are four ways we show our comittment to sustainability:


We know how important it is to consumers to know where their food comes from, so here at Sow Good, we make it a point to share visibility into our supply chains, practice selective supplier acquisition processes and share our facility audit outcomes. Since we own and operate our manufacturing facility in Irving, TX, this gives us greater control and oversight of the manufacturing process.


Sow Good pulls as much produce from the USA as possible. Some fruits and veggies may not be native or grown in the United States during the offseason. Any sourcing out of the country is clearly noted on our website for the consumer to see.

We source quality ingredients at their peak-ripeness to preserve all their health benefits upon freeze drying, as well as ensuring that the ingredients are fairly and responsibly sourced.


Each year, millions of pounds of fruits and veggies go into landfills. The Sow Good freeze dried process gives fruits and veggies a long shelf life - up to 3 years! All while maintaining their nutritional value.

We also upcycle our products. While making our freeze dried fruit snacks, we realized we had so many pieces of fruit left over that were too small to be added to the fruit snack package; thus, our Granola line was born.

By freeze drying our fruits and veggies and upcycling, Sow Good is contributing to the fight against food waste. Our products are made to taste good, stay good, and do good. Sow Good is a member of the Upcycled Food Association.


Currently, our smoothie cups can be recycled, and we are soon transitioning to a reusable, recycled plastic cup. It is important to us to have this cup to reduce the waste of throwing away the regular smoothie cups after each use.

Additionally, we are soon launching our multipack smoothie bags, which will contain five smoothie packets inside one larger bag. This has been a highly requested addition to our line; the intention is to encourage using the resuable cups with our smoothies.