Welcome to our podcast, Good Stories! We share the stories of people who have inspired us, to inspire you to sow goodness in your life! Each episode features guests from all fields health, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

Also hear from Sow Good's leaders and employees to see what it takes to build a start-up. New stories every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month!

  • Ira’s Story: Success Changes, Your Values Shouldn’t

    Settle down for story #2 with Ira Goldfarb. Ira’s experience as a child of Holocaust survivors who built a meaningful, warm life and watching his f...
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  • Welcome to Good Stories!

    Hello and welcome to Good Stories! A podcast presented by Sow Good, the snack company that our family founded during the pandemic when jobs and she...
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  • Claudia’ s Story: From Cashier to CEO

    Welcome to our first story! Claudia Goldfarb walks us through her journey from being a single mom working as a retail cashier to becoming the CEO a...
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