Meet the Sow Good Founders

Sow Good is more than a company.

It’s a chance to build better.
Here is what Sow Good means to our Founders:



Ira Goldfarb, Sow Good Executive Chairman

Entrepreneurship runs in my blood. My father, Aron Goldfarb, survived the Holocaust by hiding in a hole that he and his brother dug outside a Nazi military compound for 6 months in the frigid Polish winter. My grandfather’s last words to my father were: go my son, maybe you will survive. Not only did my father survive, he built a thriving business called Glll.

My father honored his father and siblings by deeply rooting his business in family values, compassion, and living life to the fullest. The companies that I have built throughout my life pay homage to this legacy. When you care about your company and employees, they become irrevocably intertwined with who you are. That has been the greatest privilege— to build businesses that challenge and inspire me, empower others, and have allowed employees to become family and communities to become home.

Sow Good is my opportunity to continue building better and spreading the entrepreneurial spirit, passion for life, and compassion that my father inspired in me, and that his family inspired in him.

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Claudia Goldfarb, Sow Good CEO

My parents emigrated from Mexico to the US when I was three years old. At a young age the desire to build a better life was imbued in me as I watched my father build his business from the ground up. When I was a single mom, the desire to build a better life for my two daughters was my driving force for many years.

My journey from being a retail store cashier to the co-founder and CEO of Sow Good was a long one, but it has provided me and my family a level of resilience, gratitude, and love of community that are fundamental to who we are and how we approach our life and business.

Today, building a better life is no longer a need for me but a passion. To build better for the people, communities, and world that have inspired and pushed me to succeed. Sow Good is my opportunity to say thank you, and work every day to ensure that the mark I leave on our world is a meaningful one.

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