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4 Benefits of Drinking Collagen

Collagen, by definition, is a protein produced by the body. It’s designed to support the structural integrity of the skin, cartilage, bones, and connective tissue. The body creates collagen naturally, but with age, the production process winds down. 

By the age of 30, the skin starts to become thinner and less elastic. It also does a poor job retaining moisture, making your complexion more prone to uncomfortable dryness. 

But just because we’re growing older, doesn’t mean our skin’s doomed. Supplements and healthy eating habits to the rescue!

Drinking collagen is one of the easiest ways to supplement the protein right back into your body. And when mixed in nutritional drinks like fresh juices and freeze dried smoothies, you reap more wholesome benefits. 

If you’re wondering, Is it safe to drink collagen? The answer is yes! Some collagen powders are made with common food allergens, so unless this impacts you, collagen is safe to consume.

Here are some of health benefits of drinking collagen: 

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1. Improved Skin Tone and Texture

One of the most prominent collagen drink benefits involves the difference in the look and feel of your skin. Since you’re pumping collagen back into your body, your aging skin gets a little boost in the form of firming and smoothing the complexion, which can ultimately mean reduced wrinkles and fine lines. It can take weeks to notice the difference in your skin once you start taking collagen, so just remember to be patient and trust the process.  

2. Relieved Bones and Joint Pressure

Since collagen in the body helps maintain the structure of your cartilage, your joints also benefit from adding collagen to your diet! Collagen makes it easier for the joints to stretch and move around, which also helps reduce your chance of dealing with arthritis and other joint-related conditions. 

“Collagen peptides can help protect your ligaments and tendons,” Beth Czerwony, RD, told the Cleveland Clinic. “So they’re worth a try for anybody who has arthritic pain or who works out a lot.”

Even if you’re not currently dealing with joint pressure, adding collagen to your diet is a simple way to be productive and take preventative action to keep your bones in great shape. 

3. Great Hair and Nails 

Have you ever heard about how useful collagen can be to improve the look and feel of your hair and nails? The amino acids in collagen bind to build hair proteins and improve the texture of the skin closest to the roots of your hair. They also work to strengthen the nail beds and prevent brittleness in your nails from the tip to the cuticle. 

4. Increased Muscle Mass

Did you know that collagen accounts for up to 10% of your muscle mass? This should be enough to motivate you to incorporate it into your supplement lineup. By focusing on collagen, while exercising on a regular basis, you may notice an improvement in your muscles and the overall tone of your body. 

If you’re currently take a protein supplement after exercising, or throughout the day to hit your micronutrient counts, consider substituting a portion of your whey with collagen. 

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